Investing in real estate at any time of the year is an ingenious move. It customarily fetches the buyer good returns on the investment. However, Diwali is considered the most auspicious and “shubh” time of the year that one could buy a property in. It has become a tradition as the festival of lights is believed to bring brightness and joy to the new house you move into. Most citizens or investors purchase property in Diwali, hence it gaining the title of The Biggest Real Estate Festival Of The Year!

Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider investing in a house of your own in Diwali 2021:

1. Illuminating offers and discounts:

The offers presented by some real estate companies are as illuminating as your house during the festive season! Perks like zero stamp duty, home appliances, cashback, no EMIs, or lower interest rates are given by real estate developers.

2. Grandiose and fresh launches:

Diwali calls for the boom of the real estate sector- the developers launch new, attractive and affordable projects as the competition is level pegging. Hence, the prospective buyers have a varied range of properties to choose from, fitting their budget.

3. Enhanced funds in the buyer’s hands:

Festive bonuses, pay hikes, etc. are common to all career people. Investing these extra funds in real estate will get you contentment shortly, making the investment ROI positive. Down payments can also be made easier with the influx of income.

4. Benefits of the Un-lockdown:

The pandemic lockdown severely had its effect on the real estate sector just like all the other branches worldwide. To recover from it, developers have set low prices to get the business back up again. This combined with the Diwali offers makes it all the more fitting to get your own home this season!

5. Free goodies are an added benefit!

To make the deal made with the buyer during the festive season, developers tend to send free gold coins, LCD televisions, and other expensive handouts.

If you are planning to invest in a property/invest in a house that will further benefit you in the future, Diwali of 2021 is the exemplary time you should!